Course Rules

Local Rules

  • Players are required to stay within the boundary of CFB Winnipeg fences. Climbing over or under fences may result in loss of membership, permanent restriction from CFB Winnipeg as well as a hefty fine.

  • A Ball landing beyond boundary fences is out of bounds, PENALTY - 1 stroke and distance. Balls landing in play but too close to the fence may be declared unplayable and may be moved up to 2 club lengths from the fence, not closer to the hole with a 1-stroke penalty (RCGA Rule 27 and 28).

  • A ball landing beyond the white stakes (hole 1, 2, 3 or 6) is out of bounds.  PENALTY - 1 stroke and distance.

  • A ball landing in the creek on holes 6 and 9 may be lifted and dropped not near to the hole PENALTY - 1 stroke.

  • A ball landing in the hedge or its tilled ground on hole 6 is considered ground under repair. The ball may be moved to within 2 club lengths of the point of entry, not nearer the hole with no penalty.

  • A ball landing with in one club length of protective netting is entitled to a free lift, 2 club lengths not near the hole.

  • Each player must be in possession of a set of golf clubs before starting play.

  • Tee times will be controlled during high use periods. Bookings for tee times can be made at the clubhouse. Golfers wishing to play 18 holes should make appropriate bookings to do so.

  • All players must register with the clubhouse prior to starting play. Groups commencing their second 9 holes will alternate into the rotation with golfers waiting to commence their game at the first hole providing they have made prior reservations with the clubhouse for a second round of golf.

  • On hole #1 and 3, the golfer is responsible for errant shots that may cause damage to vehicles. The 50-foot net on hole # 3 is designed to help keep balls in the playing area, but this does not remove responsibility for damage caused by errant golf shots. If you cause damage to vehicles or personal property, you are responsible for restitution.

Restrictions of Play - Weather (lightning)

There is a concern for the safety of our membership with respect to lightning (thunderstorms) in the area of the CFB Winnipeg Golf Course. 17 Wg Ops O will provide CFB Winnipeg Golf Club with a “Warning of Lightning” in the area of a range of 5 nautical miles. This is the established safety range that has been determined a safe distance for personnel and equipment to provide safety from a lightning strike. Once 17 Wg Ops O staff provides the warning that lightning is within this distance, the golf course will be closed immediately. All members and guests are required to leave the course playing area and will not be authorized to return to play until 17 Wg Ops O staff provides the “all clear” for the weather warning.  Violators to this restriction will have their membership revoked.

Dress Code

  • Members and guests are required to wear appropriate attire on the golf course at all times. All of members are responsible to enforce the dress code.

  • The acceptable standard of dress is casual slacks or jeans, shorts, wind pants, golf shirts and blouses with straps.

  • Dress that is not acceptable includes but not limited to swimsuits, sweat pants, muscle shirts, halter-tops or shoe string tops. Shirts must be worn at all times.

  • The executive as well as the clubhouse staff will monitor the standard of dress on the golf course.

  • 17 Wing Golf Course is a “soft spike” only golf course. Flat soled shoes and running shoes are acceptable forms of footwear as well.

Golf Etiquettes

  • Pace of Play

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the game, everyone is encouraged to take into consideration all of the players on the course. One of the biggest detractors of the game is slow play. Everyone should keep in mind the following considerations when playing the course:

On holes #1, 8 and 9, unless you are intending to play to the green from the tee box, hit away when the group ahead is on the green or out of your range. On hole #1 and 3, the golfer is responsible for errant shots that may cause damage to vehicles. The 50-foot net on hole # 3 is designed to help keep balls in the playing area, but this does not remove responsibility for damage caused to individuals or private property. You are responsible for errant golf shots and the responsibility to do the right thing.

If you believe your ball may be lost outside of a hazard or out of bounds, to save time, play a provisional ball. Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found.

Do not park you golf carts or place your bags in front of the green. Take your clubs to the back of the green so once you are finished you can proceed right off the back and onto the next hole. When the play of a hole has been completed, all players should immediately leave the putting green and move to the following Tee area. He next Tee area is the perfect place to mark the scores and talk about the experience you just had on the last hole.

If a match fails to keep its place on the course and falls more than one hole behind the players in front of them, they should invite the match following to play through.

No player should play until the players in front of them are well out of range.

  • Care of the Course

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they do not damage or cause damage to the course. Carts and bags should be kept well away from the greens, ball marks, footmarks and damage caused by clubs and flagsticks should be repaired before you leave the green. This is especially true for the area around the cup. Repair your ball mark and one more, this will help keep our greens in the great condition they are in. Divots should be replaced and all traps should be raked smooth. Remember the 3 R’s.

  • Course Marshall

The course Marshals are present to facilitate adherence to the Rules of the course and to keep up the pace of play. All direction provided by the course marshal is to be treated as direction provided by the executive committee.

Failure to follow direction from "or" abuse directed towards the Course Marshal may result under penalty of ejection from the course and or loss of playing privileges.